Bridal emergency kit

August 1, 2015


A list of stuff to have on hand at the wedding location so your prepared for every situation

Makeup bag:


*Face powder and a powder brush - if you start getting too shiny

*Lip color

*Makeup remover - this is especially needed if you're not going back home after the wedding you'll need something to take off the makeup

*Deodorant / Perfume

*Concealer - you can spot touch up if needed


*Eye drops - take care when administering them so that the drops don’t mess up your eye makeup, keep a tissue close by so you can tap away drops

*Eyelash glue

*Q-tips - you will be amazed how these things can multitask, from applying makeup to smudging it out and correcting mistakes

*Nail file

*Hair spray

*Hair pins

*Dry shampoo - in case its humid it can freshen up the look and absorb the sweat.


Other things that might be useful


*Safety pins
*Travel sewing kit
*Pain killer
*Ear plugs

*Snacks - and someone to be in charge of the making sure the bride drinks and eat
*Pens and sharpie 
*Stain remover 
*Extra pair of stockings

*Cell phone charger and power strip
*Good camera - at my wedding the photographer was late but we still have some nice pictures of me getting ready because my sister brought her camera
*Comfortable shoes 

*List of all the vendors and phone numbers
*Cash & check book


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