Most common mistakes women make when buying makeup

October 1, 2015


Buying makeup can be intimidating since there are so many options. Often, we put our faith in an employee to help us (as we hope that they sell us a product that is right for us regardless of company agenda). So, my dear makeup lover here are a few points to keep in mind for your next makeup purchase. 


A mistake women make when buying foundation and concealer is relying on the attendant to match her skin correctly, the truth is the lighting inside malls (where most makeup stores live) is horrible making hard to get a good match. So, ask for a sample to take home, if that’s against company policy, wear the foundation out of the mall (even if it’s half a face) and look at yourself in day light, the sun never lies you will see instantly if the makeup is right or not. If you can handle it wear the foundation home and leave it on for a few hours so you can see how it lasts throughout the day. It may be a little embarrassing but better the throwing 250 NIS in the trash because the foundation doesn’t look good on you.


Have you been buying the same makeup items for last 20 years? Don’t get stuck there are a lot of new better formulas in the market today. Just don’t get sucked in to advertising (or the products the attendants are told to push this month). Do your homework and look at product reviews online. 


Something I’ve noticed is a lot of women buy a product but they don’t get the right tool to apply it with. The right tool might not be sold by the same company as the product, so don’t be lazy once you’ve looked up what product to buy check what is the best way to apply it is. With the right tool, you’ll use less product and have more control over how you apply the product and get an even application. For example, foundation brushes, stop using those flat brushes they just spread a thick layer on product leaving brush strokes on your face instead try a synthetic stippling brush.

 As a makeup artist one of the most frequently asked questions I get is “what makeup should I get” my answer is it’s not what you buy but how you buy that’s most important.


Diana Heuman Makeup Artist

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