Hired a Makeup Artist? 5 tips on getting the makeup look you want

December 1, 2016



One thing I've learnt in the last couple of years of being a makeup artist is that one women's dramatic makeup look is another women's everyday" just going to work" makeup. So, understanding what a someone means when they say they want natural makeup takes a bit of sleuthing.  Here is what I recommend you do next time you get your makeup professionally done


1. Give a description of your usual makeup routine.

For example, if you do winged liner every day or have a signature color it's good to let your makeup artist know, so she doesn't create a softer & less dramatic look than you and everyone around you is used to.  


2. State your concerns and your preferences.

The definition of what is beautiful differs from person to person. Some people love their freckles and birthmarks, some people want them covered a bit, some want them cover completely. The goal is to make you feel beautiful and only you can know what exactly that looks like.                                                                                                     

3. What kind of vibe are you going for?

What are you wearing and what kind of lighting will be and the location (is it indoors, outdoors, day, night) all these factors change the tone of the makeup once they are all put together. For example, the same makeup look that looks amazing indoors will look a bit harsh and dramatic in the sun light where as a soft makeup look during the day will look washed out at an evening event.


4. One of the best things I can recommend is to bring a picture or two

Of a makeup look that you like so your makeup artist can get an idea of what you're after without having guess through descriptions. However, there are two thing you should keep in mind. First you have a face that’s uniquely yours and therefore not all makeup looks can be exactly replicated, you can make it a bit easier by finding a celebrity that has a similar eye shape as you. Second many pictures, especially on social media are heavily edited so your makeup won't come out like that of an Instagram star.    


5. After your makeup is done and your still not happy try to pin point exactly what is bothering you

Makeup is a collaboration between you and your artist. However, the most important thing is to give the makeup a little time to set and your eye to get used to seeing you look different. You might actually like that lipstick color after five minutes because after the initial shock you'll see that it brightens up your face and pulls the look you together.



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