What You Should Consider Before Choosing Your Wedding Hair And Makeup Look

There are no rules when it comes to your wedding look, but there are some things to consider depending on the type of wedding you are having.

•Summer & Daytime Weddings: Sunlight is unforgiving, besides the heat, dramatic and heavy makeup can look theatrical and overdone in broad daylight.




•Formal Weddings: Wedding halls tend to have soft, dim lighting (it's super flattering). However, you might need your makeup to stand out a bit more so it shows up. At your makeup trial check your makeup in different 


.•Religious Weddings: If you plan on covering your hair after the chuppah, consult your hairstylists on the best style for the hair cover you chose. Also, lashes and eyebrows should be more defined to add structure to your face once your hair is covered so make sure to mention it to your makeup artist.




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