Wedding Timeline for Hair, Makeup And Skincare Step by Step (1 month before)

What should you do a month before your wedding day in Israel so that you look your best on your big day



1 month 

Teeth cleaned  

 you'll be smiling in almost every picture so good idea to take care of your teeth 


If you plan on getting t a laser treatment or fillers before your wedding this is the time to do it, so your skin can heal properly  


3 weeks 

Get a deep cleansing facial about 2 or 3 weeks before your wedding to remove any blackheads and blemishes and let your skin heal and rejuvenate.  


Start breaking in your wedding shoes  



2 weeks 

Don't experiment with any new face and makeup products, you don't want to be surprised with a rash or breakout  


Haircut & colored - If you get your hair colored regularly anyway it would be a good idea to get your hair cut and colored around this point however It would be best not to try a new color or haircut until after the wedding 


1 week 

Eyebrows - get them done by someone you trust and knows your face 

hydrating facial so that your skin is smooth, hydrated, and glowing before their wedding 



2 days 

Stop using eyeliner and mascara -  Something about those long-lasting lines that tend to stick around even after you use a good eye makeup remover. I don't like to aggressively take off makeup before a session because it can irritate the skin, if possible go without makeup a day or two before the event  


Mikvah - traditionally a bride is supposed to go the night before the wedding, but it can be done a night or two before 


1 day


Nails - make sure you do this after the mikvah, since you are not allowed to dip with nail polish on. 


Massage - optional but a nice way to relax 


In the next blog post I'll tell you what to do the day of your wedding


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