Bridal Makeup Trends for Summer

March 1, 2017


From the time you were little girl, you may have started to envision your wedding day. With your big day fast approaching, let’s review what some of this year’s make-up trends are so your childhood dream can get a little 2017 update. This year bridal makeup is all about soft, clean and fresh looking makeup. 


Monochromatic Makeup

Sticking to one color palette for eye shadow, blush and lipstick can look so chic, seamless and you'll never look over done. The trick to making this work is using different textures of the same color family, for example if you are going for peach

colors, you would use a warm brown shimmer eye shadow, a matte peach blush and a glossy peachy-pink lip.



Warm Browns and Rose-Gold Eye Shadow

 In the past year, I've seen a lot of makeup companies bring out warm tone neutral eye shadow palettes full of browns, pinks and golds, which are really pretty and match a lot of spring & summer wedding colors.


Strong Brows

This has been a trend for a few years, however there is another reason to consider it. I believe brows should bring balance to a makeup look, if you are going for the soft natural (like the ones on trend) than a strong brow will bring much needed structure to your face. On the flip side if you're going for a dramatic smoky eye a strong graphic brow can look over done and theatrical.



Applying make-up using a sprayer instead of sponges or brushes has become increasingly popular, with 53% of brides planning to get airbrush makeup on this year. Airbrushing produces a much more even layer of makeup that blends naturally with natural skin tone. Click here for more info on airbrush makeup 


Pink lips

The Pink lips seen on the runway ranged from a soft pinky-nude to bright berry lips. There are a few good reasons to try a pink lip, first very low maintenance and easy to touch up, which is great because you really don't have time to fuss with your makeup on your wedding day. I find that a nice pink always looks bright and happy something you want on your wedding day.


I was really happy to see that the "No Makeup" makeup look was a big trend at this year's Bridal Fashion Week. It's a look that will never look dated and it's always fresh, will look good on looks good on everyone.


Diana Heuman - Mobile Makeup Artist in Israel

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