Makeup Tips For The Mother Of The Bride



As we age, so does our skin and the make-up techniques we used 10 years ago, may need to be revisited. As a makeup artist, I’m often asked to cover stuff up, but the truth is, beautiful makeup is a combination of covering small imperfections and highlighting assets. Below, I give you my best makeup tips for mature skin:


Prepare your skin:

Have you ever put on foundation only to look in the mirror a few minutes later at see that your face looks like leather. If your skin is moisturized and hydrated it won't "drink up" the moisture from your foundation leaving it dry and cracked. It's very important to hydrate your under-eye area, where the skin is fine and prone to



Flaky skin will always show up a no matter how much makeup you put on it. So, exfoliate your skin with a gentle facial scrub.

Don't forget your lips! A lip balm will hydrate your lips and protect them from the elements. This will help your lipstick apply smoother and wear longer


Blurring products:

I'm sure you've seen advertisements for different makeup products that claim to diminish the look of fine lines. These products don't fill in wrinkles but reflect light to "blur" the lines. I like to use these types of products under as primers, under the foundation and concealer.



It might be tempting to apply a thick cream foundation to cover and fill any issues but I promise that will only make it look worse, and then you'll have to set it with a lot of powder that will make you look cakey and old. It's better to go for a liquid foundation, today


 you can find full coverage foundations that feel like water. On my clients, I use airbrush foundations, I spray a fine mist of foundation to create full coverage but my clients skin still looks natural and healthy. 


Highlight and Contour:

Contouring is all the rage nowadays, you can do it too only I recommend in a softer and natural way. With a fluffy brush run a bit of couture powder under your jawline to define your neck and "lift" a sagging chin. Stay away from glitter highlights that will spotlight your wrinkles, instead apply a powder that has a "candlelight effect", a subtle glow that will look youthful and pull your whole makeup look together.



Like I mentioned above avoid chunky glitter however today you can find shimmering amazing eyeshadow formulas that won't settle in fine lines. Look for colors with the word satin or satin finish in its name. You might find that your eye shape has changed over the years, try to use different techniques to accommodate them.



lip liners are important, they create a barrier to stop your lipstick from bleeding outside you lips. I like to use a cream finish lipstick since


it makes the lips look a bit plumper. Also, try to pick a happy color,

experiment with pinks and corals, you might be surprised at how good they look.


The most important thing to keep in mind is that makeup does have its limitations. It can cover age spots, blur fine lines and even skin tone but it can't change skin texture or fill in wrinkles. My advice to all my clients is to visits their esthetician a month before a big event, to work out any skin issues. This really makes and impact on how the makeup applies and how long and well it wears.



Mazal Tov and Best Regards,

Diana Heuman - Mobile Airbrush Makeup Artist in Israel


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